Do You Have the Right Words to Express Your Vision?

Valerie Jégo Marsh
3 min readApr 25, 2022

Picture your vision, express it in a few words and make it your mantra

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I have bought many books that promised much wisdom and transformative inner work, only to get tired of looking for that nugget that will shift my thinking and put me on the path toward my dream life. The truth is, most of them, despite being useful, never really ‘spoke’ to me deep down. It doesn’t stop me from searching and Amazon just loves me. I am a ‘valued customer’! No kidding! I am spending so much money on hope — in the shape of the next book recommended by the latest ‘expert’ I started following. Hum!

I am addicted to tea. I often joke that the reason I live in London, rather than my native, beautiful Paris, is because I was sent in exile to the land of tea drinkers. Not drinking coffee when you’re French is pure heresy! So this morning, I was making yet another cup of tea and was about to throw away the cardboard box, having used the last tea bag, when I was stopped in my tracks by the name and slogan on it ‘Everyday. Rich and full bodied’. I never came across the right words to express the life I wanted to live but there they were, straight out of my kitchen cupboard, a philosophy for my life. Yes, I want to live a rich and fully embodied life every day! I could hear one of those slot machines hitting the jackpot in my head.

I immediately pictured what it meant for me to live a rich and fully embodied life every day. I could see myself boldly living experiences I had chosen and that I had pushed to the side for the sake of conforming to outer expectations. I could see myself also living these experiences with all my body and my senses, feeling the energy and power within, flashes of beautiful flowers, sea air, birds singing, the sun on my skin, and my body strong and healthy, writing and painting in a lovely home. In case, you’re wondering, no, I didn’t smoke the tea leaves!

I just pictured my dream life without any BS and it was a powerful reminder that even though I had done so much to set myself on the path to my dream life, a lot of ‘stuff’ had gotten in the way and I need to clear that. I need to go back to what it is I want for my life and what it is I need to let go of (perceived obligations, limiting beliefs, clutter). I want to have a rich and fully embodied experience of my life and I want it now. How do I do that? What and who do I need to say No to?

What about you? What do you really want? What does it look and feel like? What are you going to do about it? What and who are you going to say No to?

What words would best express your vision? Keep them in mind all the time and use them as an anchor throughout the day, to inspire you and also to keep you going when the going gets tough. This is your own mantra and it is worth spending time finding the right words. Another way could be to look through magazine titles or book chapters. Let the words speak to you. You will know which ones truly call to you.

Valerie Jégo Marsh

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