Certainty is a Disease of the Mind. Uncertainty is what makes life beautiful.

Valerie Jégo Marsh
2 min readMar 26, 2022

It’s human nature to want certainty and stability in life. We strive for them all our life and in a way by wishing for them, we make our life more difficult.

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Certainty doesn’t exist, not in human life, not in life at all. Your plant or tree might bloom every year but it might get irremediably damaged by frost or disease and die. There is never any guarantee that anything will happen when it should and this is what makes life so beautiful.

Change and the unexpected are the weaves that life is made of.

Would we appreciate life, nature, joy, love, beauty and everything we enjoy if there was the certainty that they would always be here? Wouldn’t we take them for granted?

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A glimpse — albeit for a season — of all the wonderful things that we enjoy elevates everything from the ordinary and certain to the extraordinary and magical.

If you have experienced the fabulous weather we have been enjoying in Europe — clear blue shy and sunshine every day this week — then I’m sure you have enjoyed it all the more that it is not permanent.

Uncertainty makes everything more compelling. It highlights the fragility of existence itself.

Not only should we embrace uncertainty but also celebrate it. Resisting it only means that we arguing with life itself which, I’m afraid to say, is absolutely pointless.

Certainty is a disease of the mind that will only drive us mad, keep us stuck and in a state of helplessness. It is wiser to plan for uncertainty than to strive to achieve certainty.

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When we let go of certainty, we can plan for uncertainty. Very often, we ourselves are the main uncertainty: we don’t feel like it, we are tired, we are overwhelmed, we are too busy, we feel under the weather. We have all sorts of reasons and excuses not to do what we mean to do. My routines are my way to plan for these uncertainties. They happen regardless of how I feel. They bring a glimpse of certainty and they help me get things done.

Valerie Jégo Marsh

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